14 May 2012

Year 2, Day 135 (Another Trip Done)

This morning, Dillard and I left from the terminal in Madison, IL (just outside of St. Louis, MO) and made our way to make the delivery in N. Little Rock, AR. The weather was pretty nice, and the traffic was fairly smooth. We topped off the fuel in Matthews, MO, took a quick break, then back on the road to finish this run.

Shortly after we left from fueling, I was told to leave room for 7 pallets at the first pick-up of our pre-plan. As it turned out, the load was changed, so now we don't pick up until tomorrow evening in Hope, AR and deliver Thursday morning in Chicago. This is probably because Monica (my Fleet Manager) wants to make sure I get my bi-annual physical done, while I'm at the terminal in N. Little Rock.

Dillard has been doing quite well, and I think he'll make a good truck driver once he gets his own truck. He is really absorbing all the information I throw his way, as well as excelling in the refinement of his current skills. Tomorrow will be another day... let's see what adventures come our way. Oh yeah... I had Starbucks tonight.

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