15 May 2012

Year 2, Day 136 (A Different Destination)

The load I was dispatched on was scheduled to pick up between 2000 and 2300 tonight and deliver at 0400 Thursday morning in Chicago. Since there was such a late window, Dillard and I were able to stay at the N. Little Rock terminal last night. This morning when I awoke, I took care of some little things (doing what little laundry I had, for one), then went to get my physical re-certification taken care of. I was sent to the Concentra clinic in N. Little Rock, which was a bit unpleasant, as the LPN's there were not too personable. I had to write some information (like my driver's license number) several times on the paperwork, even though they had my name, address, and phone number printed on subsequent forms after I wrote it the first time (redundancy at its best). Then when I gave them the additional paperwork, the LPN never interrupted the conversation she was having with another LPN in the office... rude, no?

Everything came out ok, as I expected it would. I went back to the terminal, took care of a few other things, and just might have the clearance to install a bike rack on my truck, so I may soon be able to take my mountain bike along with me.

Once everything was taken care of, Dillard and I were getting ready to head out, only to be told that Tyson cancelled the Chicago load. Instead, we are here in Russellville, AR picking up a load going to Union City, TN. This could possibly be positioning me to be able to get a load out of Tulsa, OK on Friday heading to the northwest (I hope, I hope, I HOPE!!).

Now it's just a matter of waiting to get loaded and head down the road.

Starbucks... yeah, had some!

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