02 May 2012

Year 2, Day 123 (I'll Be Home Tomorrow)

When Dillard and I unloaded yesterday, he drove us to the Flying J in Whiteland, IN, which was just 5 miles from where we delivered. We shut down there for the night, since this load didn't pick up until 1530 (ET) today. In the evening I had gone in to scan the paperwork and got into a conversation with a couple of other truck drivers... which lasted about 6 hours. Our conversations ran the gamut, from politics, to history,and also including discussions on Scripture. At times, the conversations even went a little deep... not the type of dialogue you would expect to hear from truck drivers.

We slept in a bit this morning, since we weren't due to pick up until 1530. Before we left, I brought us across the parking lot to the Blue Beacon Truck Wash, where I got the truck & trailer washed, as well as getting the trailer washed out. We arrived here at the ConAgra facility on the west end of Indianapolis. I had been here many times with a previous employer, so I knew the shipping clerk from before. Randy and I chatted a bit, then had us back into a door. I had Dillard back it in, so he could get some training and experience (it was a bit more of a difficult task this time).

By this time tomorrow, I will be chillin' out at home, and Dillard will be resting comfortably in the motel (Comfort Suites... and a pretty nice place, too).

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