25 May 2012

Year 2, Day 145 (The Trip Continues)

As Dillard and I make our way through Montana, the temperature has been brisk at times, and the weather is indecisive. Since we left Missoula, Dillard has driven through three types of conditions: dry & sunny, rain, and snow... not necessarily in that order. The scenery has been stunning (as to be expected), between the miles we've traveled from yesterday's starting point (Ellensburg, WA) to present (somewhere west of Billings, MT).

At one point, while driving just east of Butte, heading towards Bozeman, the temperature dropped down to 30°, then back up to nearly 70° once we made it to the bottom of the mountain.

Fortunately - as I'm sure Dillard would agree - the snow wasn't too terribly bad; the roads weren't slick nor icy, nor was there enough snow to really be worried about (at least for me, Dillard has never driven a truck in winter conditions).

Either way, it's been a peacefully uneventful ride with a lot of open road, and little traffic (at least compared to the East). With Memorial Day soon to be upon us within the next few days, I hope you will be safe in your travels. Most importantly, please remember the reason why we even have a Memorial Day: those who have served - or are currently serving - in our military services. Without the sacrifices they have made in the past, we wouldn't be free today. Those whom are serving now continue to carry on that legacy of tradition, honor, courage, and pride.

May you have a blessed Sabbath, and a joyous Shavuot!

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