29 May 2012

Year 2, Day 149 (Almost Home)

Dillard and I unloaded this morning in Tulsa. About 2 hours later we received our next load assignment. This load (through a broker) picked up there in Tulsa heading to Burlington, NJ. A few hours after that, my fleet manager (Monica) sent me a message to bring it to the North Little Rock terminal. The load didn't have a loading appointment until 1700, but at least I had a load and a positive direction to go. Once we were loaded, I made my way to Little Rock where the other driver (the one re-powering the load) was waiting.

It worked out all the way around; Dillard and I were heading to Little Rock where he was getting released to take his final evaluation (then get his own truck) and I was heading home, and the other driver was getting a load that will get him home, as well. It turns out, the other driver (Steve) lives about 15 miles from where he delivers.

That is winning!

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