28 May 2012

Year 2, Day 148 (Memorial Day In Tulsa)

Memorial Day 2012, and Dillard and I spent it at a truck stop in Tulsa, OK. One thing I noticed, which is quite saddening, is just how much the general populace has forgotten what this holiday is truly about. People go out boating, fishing, have cookouts, etc, maybe they will go to a parade - if there is one going on - but for the most part, to them it's another day added to the weekend. Very few businesses even honor the memory of our fallen heroes. Just recently, a member of MSNBC has said he has trouble calling our military service members "heroes". THAT is not only disrespectful, it's outright contemptuous!

Allow me to throw out this observation: many news sources (our own mainstream media included) try to vilify Israel as an "apartheid state", yet our troops are fighting a "War On Terror" in countries that are Muslim dominated, a war that began from attacks by Muslim extremists, and being constantly confronted by radicals calling for us to be more "tolerant" of their beliefs, while proving that they are the MOST intolerant... but Israel is the bad guy?! Sure, sure... there are some loonies - who can't think for themselves - that will say they have that right... freedom of speech, and all that... but why do you have that right? Exactly who was it that fought for you to have that right? Our military, that's who! If you can't even have the courtesy or the decency to put aside your own lives and political ideology - no matter how radical or pathetic they are - and honor those veterans who fought - and the ones who died - to GIVE you that right, then why don't you LEAVE! Those veterans are honored only 2 days each year... 2 DAYS! You can't even suspend your own miserable agendas and thank those for giving you the freedom and liberty to have those agendas?

I'll close with this saying I've seen on Facebook, and on bumper stickers:

"If you can't stand behind our troops,
Feel free to stand in front of them"

For the record, I SERVED MY COUNTRY!
USMC 1985-1993
veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm

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