11 May 2012

Year 2, Day 132 (A Full Weekend)

Dillard and I made it to our employer's terminal in Gary, IN where we shut down last night (early this morning). Because of the delay with getting dispatched on Wednesday, we were going to be late for our 1445 appointment today in Tomah, WI. When we arrived in Gary, I sent an updated ETA to be in Tomah at 1600... we arrived at 1535. Since I was familiar with the route - and Chicago - (plus being pressed for time), I drove us in. It's a good thing I did since Chicago traffic was its usual cacophony of mayhem (no, not the one from the insurance commercial). We were given a pre-plan to pick up in Cornell, WI delivering Monday in North Little Rock, AR. I'm hoping we can cover some ground tonight, then finish it up tomorrow, then get a re-start on our logbooks.

Lately I've noticed that the general dialogue getting the most attention is that of the upcoming Presidential elections. Personally, I've lost my interest in the matter, and, frankly, have become very sickened by it. We DON'T have a real leader in office (that includes Congress), nor do we have any viable candidates anywhere within sight. Our society AND country has digressed into a nation "for the elitists, by the elitists." Yet there are the minions from both parties that will debate the trivial, and sidestep facts. Don't tell me how your party is better, or why your nominee should get elected (or re-elected) when BOTH sides have failed the people whom they represent! Look closely at which legislations have been passed into law and tell me if it's good for THE PEOPLE... chances are, they benefit the politicians and their bank accounts - first and foremost.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sabbath!

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