18 May 2012

Year 2, Day 139 (Soon To Be On Our Way To The Northwest)

We made it to Tulsa, OK at around 0045 this morning, where I topped off the fuel, and we called it a night. Once we finally got moving today, I went to get the trailer washed out (since Tyson felt too inconvenienced to do so). That done, we headed here to the customer where we are currently waiting to get loaded. Personally, I'm anxious to get loaded and get out of here, because of how much I enjoy going through the mountains and going up to Washington (no sarcasm intended).

These next few days will be enjoyable, and Dillard will get some good training in for his last week and a half on my truck. He's been doing really well, we are just going to refine his skills in a few areas. Over the next few days I hope to get some stunning pictures (though they could be more stunning if I has a Canon Rebel) to post here.

As Sabbath approaches, I hope you will all be blessed with peace and joy.

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