17 May 2012

Year 2, Day 138 (Much Going On)

The Tyson load that Dillard and I picked up yesterday, we were told, would be loaded and billed out around 2100-2200. It was around midnight before we left. With time running out on the logbook, I took the helm. I made it as far as Seligman, MO before I shut down... at 0545 this morning. I sent in my updated ETA to be arriving at the Tyson facility in Springdale, AR at 1700... I pulled up to the gate at 1658. We did, however, get a pre-plan for our next run, which will keep us busy for the next few days; we pick up tomorrow in Tulsa, OK and head to Woodinville, WA & Burnaby, BC for next Wednesday... just the load I wanted!

In other news, just today we mourn the loss of another true musical diva: Donna Summer. Though many refer to her as "The Queen Of Disco", she was so much more. Sure, she received her big break during the disco era, with her sultry voice (especially in the song, "Love To Love You Baby") and sex appeal, but to limit her to just disco is disingenuous. She proved that she could hold her own, long after the discotheques "dimmed all the lights."

Another late news of note is one even I find shocking... especially since I am "fashion challenged". The news I refer to is that of the fashion icon, Betsey Johnson, closing all of her stores. Yes, Tikvah, you read that correctly! If you are a fan of her designs, sales prices are 20-50% off right now. Farewell, Betsey!

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