16 May 2012

Year 2, Day 137 (Looks Like Another Long Night)

Dillard and I left out of Russellville, AR last night at around 2130, heading to Union City, TN. As it turned out, it was a long night. He drove to W.Memphis, AR where I took over for the last 140 miles. I pulled in to the Tyson facility at 0430 this morning. Yes, I was wiped out. This load we're on now picks up here in Dexter, MO and delivers tomorrow at 1200 in Springdale, AR. After last night, I don't think I'm going to push us as hard this time. This facility said we will probably be ready to go about 2200... but we'll see how that goes. This is Tyson, after all.

Dillard had already completed his routing, which may be shorter in miles, but will definitely be longer in time. I recommended that we take U.S. 60 all the way, past Springfield, MO to Monette, then cut down MO 37 into Arkansas that way. It may be a little more miles, but it will save time and fuel (most of that stretch has a 70 MPH speed limit.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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