03 May 2012

Year 2, Day 124 (Home. Sweet Home)

This morning, Dillard and I started out from the rest area just north of Blytheville, AR and arrived at the North Little Rock terminal at around 1300. When we arrived, I had him drop the trailer (while I supervised) and park a few spots away. I then went in and talked to the shop about a few minor things on the truck. I went in and took a shower and stated my laundry. I usually try to get all my laundry taken care of, so I don't burden my wife, Michelle, with it. There were a few matters of business inside the office I took care of while I was there. Before we left out, I made my usual Starbucks run.

Once we arrived here where I live, I made sure Dillard was checked into the motel and settled in before I went home. It's nice to be here. To relax and spend time with family is always a luxury that we should NOT take for granted. When one is away from home as much as I am, being home is second to none. This weekend my youngest son, Nathan, will be playing a gig at the local coffee shop (which I will attend), and we will be going to the Jewish Food Festival in Little Rock.

Yes, I will blog about it.

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