09 May 2012

Year 2, Day 130 (Low Productivity Day)

Dillard and I arrived at the customer last night, though we weren't unloaded until this morning. That's not too bad, actually, since we weren't scheduled to unload until this morning at 1000. Yesterday we were pre-planned to pick up a load in Shippensburg, PA this afternoon and deliver tomorrow on the west end of Ohio. When I called the broker, he said the load was rescheduled for tomorrow, so the CSR at my employer cancelled. Then they were working on something that had me re-loading right there where we delivered in Manchester... that, too, cancelled. The next load (a broker load) would have me loading at the Hershey's Distribution Center in Palmyra, PA going to Kentucky; guess what... cancelled.

After a few hours of waiting, we finally received a dispatch to load in Newfield, NJ at 2300 (ET) tonight and delivering in Tomah, WI for Friday afternoon. With the waiting (while our logbook drive time ticked away), the only way to deliver on time is if we leave out from here first thing in the morning and hammer the miles away tomorrow. If we can get through Chicago (or at least to the terminal in Gary, IN) before we shut down, then we should be good for delivery.

The weather has been quite rainy today. At least I got some Starbucks.

And Dunkin Donuts.

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