21 November 2011

Day 324 (A Very Weird Dream)

Some say that weird dreams come depending on what you had eaten before bed. I don't know how true that is this, but the elves did a number on me last night, if that's the case. In my dream, though I don't remember much of it, I recall being in a large open field, filled with people. It seemed as though it was either a gathering for a Presidential Address being broadcast on a giant Jumbotron television, or a live rally. I do recall Obama, in his speech, was saying to the American people that Muslims were nothing to be afraid of and they were truly peaceful people. I'm sure we actually heard this before, but then there was a twist in what was going on.

Suddenly I am hearing this very same thing coming from Christian pastors... even from the ones I know personally. Sure, this, too, is happening in real life (except for the part about when it's coming from pastors I know personally), but in the dream, I recall getting a deep feeling in my gut that there was something very wrong happening. People around me were buying what was being fed to us, but I had the feeling doom was getting ready to fall upon us... at any moment! Almost as if I could literally sense those trying to bring violent harm upon us were waiting in the wings, and will pounce upon us all any moment, while everyone around me were celebrating what will happen to them.

What say you?

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Lauri Rottmayer said...

Kind of epitomizes what's going on these days.