26 November 2011

Day 329 (A Wet Day, A Peaceful Sabbath)

Today was fairly peaceful, fairly lazy. A quiet Sabbath, spent some time in Torah. It's rained a bit, off and on, throughout the day. For dinner we had some leftovers from our Thanksgiving meal... and it still tasted good (by the way, my wife makes some incredible Sweet Potato Casserole). Tomorrow will be my last day at home. It's been nice being able to get home a few extra days earlier, but it's always so difficult to head back out on the road come Monday.

All three of us are presently watching Hell On Wheels on AMC. I've heard of the show, but only just now get to watch it. Tomorrow, however, The Walking Dead and Leverage will be on... both of which I haven't been able to see for a while. My youngest son, Nathan, had recorded the past few weeks of The Walking Dead on the DVR, but it went on the fritz, and since we exchanged the receiver, we lost all that was recorded.


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