14 November 2011

Day 317 (One Day, And 3 More Deliveries To Go)

This morning Doyle and I began the first of our two day deliveries, starting in Milwaukie, OR, then down to Woodburn. Our third drop was supposed to be in Beaverton, but as we were leaving the second drop, we get a message that it was being changed. Instead of going to Beaverton, we delivered it, instead, to Portland. I won't bore you with the details, but somewhere, somebody failed to pass on the information. The customer that we delivered to had moved this weekend into their new facility. We ended up being late, but the customer was very cool with it. Tomorrow our first drop will be about a 1/2 block from where we were this afternoon.

Since there is no truck parking permitted by the customer, we came over to the truck stops about 4 miles away. Which means we will be getting up about 0630 (CT) in the morning for a 0530 (PT) appointment. This afternoon, however, I received a message that my truck was due a service. Since I'm nowhere close to one of our terminals, we are authorized to get a service done at any T/A Service Center... which just happened to be where we are. Perhaps after we are done with that, it would be a good time for a movie.

... or two.

By the way, I apologize about getting the blog up past my 1630 deadline... I got lazy. I hope you'll forgive me>

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