08 November 2011

Day 311 (On Our Way To The Kansas City Area)

As I had predicted yesterday, we had no pre-plan, so once we got unloaded we parked at the customer's facility for the night. This morning, however, not only did we get a load (which picked up in Cherokee, IA, about 60 miles south), but were also put on a double pre-plan. This load is a plant-to-plant Tyson load, as are the next two, which delivers in Olathe, KS (just south of Kansas City).

Our next two are more like an extended shuttle run. The first one picks up in the morning, right there in Olathe, and goes to South Hutchison, KS, where we will pick up from there and go back to Olathe... which is about 400 miles round trip. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any coffee to consume... at least none worthy enough of human consumption (yes, a reference to Pilot). We did, however, grab a bite to eat at Taco John's (which was in the Pilot that we fueled),which was not too bad. Neither of us have had Taco John's before. Nothing to totally rave about, but not bad.

I still thing coffee is in order.

(p.s. The reason this has been posted much past my 1630 deadline, is due to lack of cell signal. My apologies.)

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