16 November 2011

Day 319 (Onward And Eastward)

So far this has been a long day. Last night Doyle and I shut down at a rest area just west of Hines, OR, right on U.S. 20. In fact, we were the only vehicle parked in the rest area. This morning as we finished the trip to Jerome, ID (where we are now, getting the trailer loaded), there was one area that had gotten as low as 14°... very brisk, indeed.

As I mentioned yesterday, this load will be going to Lebanon, TN. There has been no appointment date & time set yet, but I think it will be on Monday morning. In the process of getting here, we ran into a few snags: fuel was not really needed, but when picking up a load that's 43,000 lbs, it's a good idea to top off the tanks to make sure your gross & axle weights will be legal; there was also the matter of getting the trailer washed out, which is not really a problem unless there's a line - which there was. It all worked out; the fuel is topped off, and the trailer is washed out. The only thing left to do after getting this trailer loaded is to scale this out. Then we will be on our way to Lebanon, TN.

... and to get coffee.

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