04 November 2011

Day 307 (Getting A Re-Start... But Not At Home)

First of all, please accept my apology for getting this posted past my deadline of 1630. I've been tied up with various things and lost track of time.

Yesterday, Doyle drove us from Midway, FL (just west of Tallahassee) all the way to West Memphis, AR - a total of 554 miles... not bad for a newcomer to trucking. When we arrived at West Memphis, I topped off the fuel and took over to bring us into the North Little Rock terminal, where we shut down. This morning, we took care of our personal effects (to include laundry). I had the truck brought into the shop to fix an air leak, and, as it turned out, I also had to sit in a few classes to ensure my training was up to date. After all that, I checked out the company vehicle and went to Pier 1 Imports to pick up a birthday gift for my Tikvah. She told me about a purse that she wanted, so now she has it... just not in her possession just yet:

After that was taken care of, I was finally able to make my run to Starbucks. Once I returned to the terminal, I found out that we were dispatched on our next load. However, it doesn't pick up until Sunday in Pine Bluff, AR (about 40 miles south of here) and delivers Monday in Sibley, IA, up in the northwest corner of the state. Sadly, I'll be here for the weekend, since I live about 90 miles in the opposite direction of where I load. Doyle, however, I allowed to go home (he has a ride going there)... at least until tomorrow night. I live north of him, but I didn't ride with him because, a) I didn't want to impose on him, and, b) my wife thought it best not to be home this weekend her "aunt" is visiting. Tomorrow will then be a quiet and serene Sabbath.

May you all be blessed!

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