18 November 2011

Day 321 (Where Will We Shut Down? Perhaps Nebraska)

We left the rest area in Brigham City, UT at 0715 (CT) this morning, stopped in Ogden,UT to top off the fuel, then one more stop in Riverdale, UT - about 15 minutes away - to pay a visit to the local Starbucks. Once we left from there, the only stops we made was for Doyle to do his load checks. We just left from the Petro truck stop in Laramie, WY where rid ourselves of the after effects of the aforementioned Starbucks. Doyle drove through a little snow in Evanston, WY (just a few miles from the Utah state line). There wasn't much, just a flurry, though The Weather Channel is predicting about a 70% chance there this afternoon. When we were on our way to Oregon, Doyle drove though the snow in that same area (last Saturday), where it was coming down pretty good. He did pretty good, though I could tell he was nervous. More precisely, he was more nervous than a pregnant nun in the Vatican.

The weather, temperature-wise, has been fairly mild (in my opinion, though Doyle would disagree), probably low to mid 40's, and the flurry in Evanston - plus what was already on the ground - has been the only snow we have seen. At the rate we are going, we will be shutting down in Nebraska... I'm just not sure exactly where.

Today also happens to be a special day, for today are the birthdays of both my wife and my youngest son (yes, 17 years ago today, she delivered a little boy on her birthday). I'll never forget her words, after getting the epidural put in, when she commented on the occasion: "This is a present only I can open". So to my son, Nathan: Happy Birthday, Champ... now clean the garage (just kidding!)! To my wife, Tikvah: Happy Birthday, my angel... you look as beautiful today as you did the day we met! I hope you both have a blessed day... and a joyous Sabbath!

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