17 November 2011

Day 320 (Getting A Re-Start In Utah)

Last night we made it to Brigham City, UT, where we shut down for the night. This morning when we got up, I noticed that we each had only 11 hours left on our logbooks, and we were picking up no hours tomorrow. I contacted Monica (my Fleet Manager) and Brent (the Broker), to let them know of this. My initial thought was to stay here in the rest area and get a 34 hour re-start, which was confirmed when Monica thought the very same thing. Brent told me that he would set up a delivery time for Sunday night.

It was unfortunate that I didn't have Doyle go to a truck stop. I mainly based my decision on past experiences, where if you get to a truck stop after a certain time, there's a chance you won't find a parking spot. Granted, the economy isn't what it used to be, and there are many trucking companies that have gone out of business, but I haven't been up in this region often enough to gauge accurately the traffic and parking availability within the truck stops. Therefore, we are settling for staying in this rest area until tomorrow morning.

At least we will be able to get some coffee at Starbucks tomorrow.

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