02 November 2011

Day 305 (Orlando Is Full Of Mice)

Doyle and I made it here to the customer in Orlando, though we were late for the appointment. Fortunately, they were cool about it and almost have us unloaded. Where we head from here is still in the air. The weather here is pretty nice: sunny and 76°.

Now that we are empty, I think I may take us over to a Super Target, not too far from where we are at. Besides, there is sure to be a Starbucks nearby, since the Super Target I saw earlier (on our way here) was in the Millennia Mall area. I'm due for some grocery shopping, and Doyle had never seen one. As I explained to him earlier, it's like a Walmart Supercenter... only better. I don't know when my next trip to the northwest will be. I think it's safe to say it may not be this week. I really hope to get a load heading up that way perhaps next Friday out of Tulsa. For one thing, it's beautiful driving... for another, it make for good mountain training for my students. Oh well, we shall see.

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