27 November 2011

Day 330 (Relaxing Day, Caught Up On TWD)

This has been a very relaxing day. I thought it was rather cool that AMC had a marathon showing all the episodes (leading up to the season finale) of The Walking Dead. So today was spent getting caught up on those episodes (spoiler alert: they finally found Sophia). The bad thing is, now I have to wait until February for the next season.

On another note, for lunch today my awesome wife, Tikvah, made a most excellent pot pie, using the leftover turkey. Needless to say, there were NO leftovers. Tikvah had a craving a little later (and once she mentioned it, I then had the craving) for hot wings, so I ran over to Dollar General and grabbed a couple boxes. I cooked them up and had them ready by the time tonight's new "mid-season" finale came on. All in all, it was a good evening.

Oh yeah... there was also coffee today, too.

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