11 November 2011

Day 314 (This Will Be A Busy Weekend)

Wednesday Doyle and I made our round trip run from Olathe, KS to Hutchinson, KS and back. The pre-plan we had gotten wasn't finished loading until early this morning, so we stayed at Tyson until about 0830 this morning, and got a restart on our logbooks. This load will have us (or more accurately, Doyle) busy for the weekend. It has a total of 6 drops, all within the Portland, OR area, delivering on Monday and Tuesday.

The good thing is Doyle will get some good mountain training in on the way, since we will be going through Wyoming, Utah, and (of course) Oregon. Another good thing is I may get to see an old friend... possibly two. The first, Shaun, is and old childhood friend whom I grew up with in South Florida; the other, Brad, is a fellow Marine whom I haven't seen since '93, when I received my Honorable Discharge from the Corps. When I got out, I moved to Arkansas (what was I thinking?), and Brad moved back to Portland. I won't say Brad and I were the best of friends, but I do hold a great deal of respect for him, especially since he received a Silver Star during Desert Storm.

This load is fairly light, less than 24,000 pounds, which has the advantage in that the mountains won't be as big of a problem... the disadvantage, however, is that it won't create as much traction as if I were 15,000 lbs heavier going through the snow (if we do, that is). I'm not worried, though, for HaShem my G-d is with me... and this is (nearly) the Sabbath. May you all be blessed! On this day, should you cross paths with a military veteran... be sure to thank him, or her, for their service!

All gave some,
Some gave ALL

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