28 November 2011

Day 331 (Back On The Road Until Chanukah)

I left out this morning and was dispatched just before noon. The load I am hauling picks up here in Dexter, MO and delivers tomorrow in Russellville, AR (though I would much prefer to avoid these Tyson loads). It was a very nice weekend at home. Spent some good time with my wife and youngest son. It was just the 3 of us for Thanksgiving, as my 18 year old son was unable to make it down. My youngest, Nathan, is pretty happy that my drums are set up in his room... we even had a mini jam session a few nights ago. My wife, Tikvah, and I were discussing earlier today, and I may take my vacation later in December. I may not be home for all of Chanukah, but I will be home for most of it. Probably after the first of the year, I may begin doing some upgrades on the set (replacing heads, etc.) though it could take a while before it's all complete.

Since I was told it will be a few hours before they even start loading me, I think I will take a nap. However, if Tyson isn't on the ball (and this facility rarely is), then this load won't be getting to Russellville by 0800.

At least I have some coffee from home.

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