19 November 2011

Day 322 (It Is Getting A Bit Chilly)

Last night, Doyle made it to Big Springs, NE, covering a total of 613 miles yesterday (that number holding a special significance for those of us in the Jewish faith) - his biggest day yet. Today has been a very pleasant - albeit chilly - Sabbath. There has been no snow, but it has been a bit windy, which, of course, only increases the "bite" of the lower temperature:

I'm hoping we can make it to the terminal in Madison, IL before we shut down for the night, as that will give us less than 500 miles to finish off tomorrow. As we drive through northwestern Missouri, the skies look to be in a mildly temperamental mood, as if it wants to snow, but is still unsure of the prospect, yet is not yet relenting in its refusal to allow for the sun to come out and play a little longer. I think we shall make a stop just outside of Kansas City, MO at a Super Target, Starbucks will be just what is needed to eradicate this aftertaste of Pilot coffee that is still lingering.

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