13 November 2011

Day 316 (Almost To Portland)

Doyle and I are making our way on the final stretch of this trip. The fact that you are reading this now means that he has made it safely down Deadman Pass (a.k.a. Old Emigrant Hill a.k.a. "Cabbage"). Yesterday, he drove through snow in western Wyoming for his first time in a truck. He has been doing pretty good, and has shown improvement in several areas that he lacked confidence in. The weather out here in Oregon has been pretty mild; chilly with a breeze.

A couple of days ago, Doyle pulled out his laptop and had me watch How I Met Your Mother, which, up until then, I had never seen. I found it to be quite funny. We viewed it online using his Verizon MyFi internet card. The thing I noticed was there was some problems with the buffering - even though the transmitter was showing a full signal. When the advertisements would come on, the buffering would also lag. Yet, when the advert for Verizon would play... flawless! "America's fastest 4G network? I hardly think so!

Before we left from Mountain Home, ID this morning, we got some coffee from the Pilot we parked at, though I made mine a bit more tolerable than usual, simply by filling my cup 1/3 the way with their Columbian blend, and the other 2/3 with instant hot coco (you know, from the automated "cappuccino" machine). It may not be Starbucks, but it did the trick!

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