23 November 2011

Day 325 (Apologies For Posting Late)

I sincerely apologize to all my readers (however few they may be), but as I type this out, I am sitting at home. Doyle and I unloaded this afternoon in Springfield, MO, after which we were told to go home (of course, not before making a stop at Starbucks prior to heading home). In fact, one of the instructors from the training center (for the company to which whom I am employed) called me yesterday and told me to release Doyle to go home for the weekend. Come Monday, he will have to be at our North Little Rock terminal to take his final evaluation test, then get his own truck assigned to him.

I do not doubt that he will do well. When he took his "maiden voyage" through the snow in Wyoming 1 1/2 weeks ago, I noticed he may have been very nervous, but that meant he was also be very cautious - a positive sign. He did well driving through snow, and he successfully made it through the mountainous regions of Wyoming and Oregon. He's still young enough to where he will be driving for some time to come. May he be blessed!

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