12 November 2011

Day 315 (I'd Like Some Feedback On This Idea)

Yesterday Doyle and I left out of Olathe, KS and made it as far as Laramie, WY when we shut down, the final leg (Big Spring, NE to Laramie, WY) having been driven by me. Today we continue the trip west. It's been a beautiful Sabbath, and Doyle has been getting some good experience in: driving through mountains and driving through snow. He's done pretty good thus far... we're still alive and not hospitalized, so that's a good sign.

Driving through Wyoming has always been enjoyable, though it does remind me of an idea I came up with several years ago, but can't see it through to fruition, as I have neither the contacts, nor the resources. The idea is fairly simple, yet complex, and it addresses several social issues. Wyoming is an expanse of a state, with a LOT of open space. Why not utilize that space? First stage would address the homeless issue we have. Find out, of all the homeless people we have, who wants a second chance at life (a.k.a. re-entering society).

Those that either have a background in the construction industry, or would be interested, could actually be key to get the multi-staged project going (they would, hence, be part of the first stage). Put them in temporary lodging (cleaned up, clothes, etc.) and begin their training/employment. They would then be relocated to a new town called Second Chance,Wyoming, where they would temporarily reside in mobile homes, while they begin the construction of housing developments. In the meantime, get contracts & future locations for businesses, from convenience stores/gas stations, grocery store, bank, etc. (possibly even a refinery or distribution center). The entire town wouldn't be built at once, just establish the foundation. The next group of homeless would then occupy the lodgings that were vacated by the initial group, receiving the necessary training to fill the positions of the businesses being built (while the initial group is undergoing the construction of said businesses, upon the completion of the housing developments).

As I said... simple, yet complex. The construction wouldn't be all at once, nor would the former homeless get their permanent home for free (I won't get into the financial details just yet). The point is that we could reduce the statistics for homelessness, provide jobs, and build up the economy (because if you build Second Chance, WY right next to the interstate, like I-80, travelers and truck drivers will be stopping in).

That's just a basic idea... what do YOU think?

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