07 November 2011

Day 310 (What A Trip This Has Been)

Yesterday Doyle got some pretty good training, as our route took us through some curvy areas. I didn't put him through anything too harsh, but what he did have, he handled pretty good. Between Conway and Harrison, AR, there is a stretch of U.S. 65 that is a little crooked, just enough to keep a student focused. Once we made it through there, I had us make a stop at on of the Price Cutter stores in Springfield, MO. I needed to replenish my supply of Coca Cola (a 4-pack of 24 oz. bottles for $1.67), plus they also have a Starbucks in the store, so I paid them a visit, as well.

Since the customer in Pine Bluff took so long to get us loaded, we didn't get as far as I wanted, which was at least to the north side of Kansas City, MO. Instead, we only made it as far as Collins, MO, about 145 miles short. The weather today has been a bit overcast, but cool. At this present time (though there is about 3 hours left of the work day for the Operations Dept., so that may change) there is not a pre-plan for us. I called Monica earlier, just to touch bases with her. If there is no pre-plan by the time we get unloaded (which could be about 1900), to head somewhere that we can park for the night... but not too far away.

I'll think we'll have time to make another Starbucks run before we unload.

I also hope to see some snow - SOON!

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