23 November 2011

Day 326 (What A Busy Day)

Well, today turned out to be a bit of a busy day. I did some running around with Tikvah, my wife, and was able to get the paperwork (from the load I delivered in Springfield, MO yesterday) faxed to my employer. Receipts were mailed off, Tikvah got her check, and I picked up my drums, which are now taking up residency in my youngest son, Nathan's, room:

After all that was accomplished, we even stopped by Sonic (I was craving the Chicago Dogs) for lunch. Went home, where Nathan helped me set the drums up... then we had a little jam session with one of the songs he wrote. Tikvah and I just got back a little while ago for the laundromat, since our washer decided to call it quits. Now we are getting ready to chill out to a movie (probably Heartbreak Ridge) and drink some coffee. Tomorrow will be a busy day; before we make our own dinner, we will be helping at one of the local congregations to prepare and serve meals to those who may be less fortunate. I think that's one thing I can be truly thankful for: that I can bring a little joy and happiness to others. In this time where there are many who are struggling financially just to make ends meet, to show them that there are others who are willing to serve them, to relieve them of their worries and burdens - if even for just a couple hours - that's more gratifying than the mere words that we speak to say what we are thankful for. 

Just food for thought (no pun intended).

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