09 November 2011

Day 312 (Wandering Through Kansas)

This morning Doyle and I left from Olathe, KS (doing a drop and hook) and headed to South Hutchinson, KS - where we are now - to deliver. Once the trailer is unloaded here, Tyson will re-load it, then we will head back to Olathe. The weather is a lot better today than what we drove through yesterday, which was mainly rain, but there was some snow thrown in for good measure. Today it's sunny and cool, with a little bit of a breeze blowing. Although it is rather torturous being here at this Tyson facility, as the air is permeated with the smell of freshly grilled chicken... I wonder if, being as I am now hungry, this can fall under the category of "cruel and unusual punishment."

We are due back in Olathe by 2100 tonight, but that all depends on the efficiency with which our trailer is re-loaded. Hopefully by later on this afternoon we will find out what our next load will be and where it will bring us (I'm still hoping for a Tulsa, OK to Woodinville, WA/Burnaby, BC run). I think on the way back to Olathe, I'll have us stop at a Starbucks... this Pilot coffee can only be tolerated for so long (and, yes, it can be tolerated as long as I drown its putrid taste with enough cream).

Before I forget, tomorrow I will be posting in honor of the Marine Corps' birthday... hope you all enjoy it!

Carpe Java - Seize the coffee!

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