20 November 2011

Day 323 (On The Final Leg Of This Trip)

Doyle and I started from Warrenton, MO this morning (just west of the St. Louis area), awaking to a temperature in the low 40's. He did his pre-trip and topped off the fuel, then we left with only 399 miles to cover today. We could have left sooner that 1215, but I felt like sleeping in this morning. We did, however, go into Denny's for breakfast. I ordered the Cheese & Veggie Omelet, which I ended up getting for free. As I was enjoying the food, I get about half way through the omelet when a piece of ham fell out. For those that know me personally, know I'm Jewish... therefore, I don't eat ham! When I brought it to the attention of our waitress (and before you ask, I was very courteous & respectful when addressing this issue), she apologized and said she would inform the manager. Two minutes later, the manager - showing the signs that he was doubling as a cook (i.e. perspiration on his forehead) during the brunch rush - came out and also apologized.

He told me he would make another omelet meal, for the inconvenience that had been caused (since I would not be able to eat another omelet, he put it in a "to go" box), AND did not charge me for the food. The L-rd does bless in all types of ways indeed.

It will only be a few more days before I will be bringing Doyle back to our terminal in North Little Rock for him to take his final evaluation test, then get assigned his own truck. This will probably happen this coming Wednesday, when I will also be heading home. Thanksgiving at home is always a blessing in itself. We will also be having a fourth guest at our table: our son, Sean-Patrick. He told me he will be home for a few days, then back up to Missouri, where he is trying to make some headway as a musician... and I must say, he is quite the guitar player.

Since it's raining right now, it's probably as good a time as any for Starbucks. Come to think of it, ANY day is a good time for Starbucks.

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