05 November 2011

Day 308 (Tomorrow We Head For Iowa)

It's been a nice peaceful Sabbath with cool weather all day. Tomorrow, however, we will be picking our load up in Pine Bluff, IA and take it to Sibley, IA. It was unfortunate that I couldn't get home for this re-start, but things like this happen this way sometimes. The L-rd works it out in the end for His purpose and glory.

Earlier, my wife, Tikvah, posted a video on my wall (Facebook) which she found. I have since re-posted it - and since it is Marine Corps based - I will do so again. This coming Thursday I plan on posting a link for that video on this blog, in honor of the Marine Corps birthday. Sure it's a teaser for you, but all I can say is... it will be worth the wait!

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