22 September 2011

Day 264 (This Week Is Shot)

We arrived here in Alsip, IL last night, and can't deliver this for another 47 minutes, because the broker scheduled it for 1600 today. All the years I have driven a truck, and all the different brokers I have had to deal with, this brokerage (Transplace) has to be the worst one yet. I say this because if you recall from Day 262, the load I was supposed to pick up wasn't there. This could not be chalked up to "a minor error", that was outright incompetence. I've lost 2 days worth of driving (in the line of work we are not paid by the hour, but by the mile - if the wheels aren't turning, you're not making any money) dealing with them and this load, only to find myself in the right place, but at the wrong time... my next load (thankfully not a broker) picks up tomorrow, but doesn't deliver until Monday in Bentonville, AR.

Besides having to deal with the incompetence at the brokers, I'm also grouchy because I haven't had any coffee today.

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