07 September 2011

Day 249 (Almost Done With This Trip)

We shut down in Brazil, IN last night, a town about 10 miles east of Terra Haute, on I-70. Chuck pulled in at a good time of the evening, since the Pilot truck stop was beginning to fill up. We got parked in a decent spot and shut it down for the night, even though it was around 2000 (2100 ET). When we got up this morning, we got our showering in, then he did the pre-trip, fueled, and we were on our way.

We did get our delivery appointment time set: tomorrow morning at 1000 ET. I'm pretty sure we can pull it off, though it may mean having to get up early tomorrow morning to make this final drop on time. Had some rain to drive through, some construction zones, traffic... basically, things that were not as frequent when we were out west. Sure we had some construction zones, but a lot less traffic to deal with, and not very much rain (once or twice up in Washington state) - and lots of mountains.

I received a message earlier, from the Operations Department, apparently we will start getting all "committed pre-plans," which (I surmise) means we will all begin getting pre-planned work assignments (a work assignment you get before you are finished with the load you are currently on). Though I'm not exactly sure how the message is intended, there could still be questions and doubts within the Operations personnel as to what is meant, as well as how to employ this new policy... only time will tell. One thing I can be sure about is that by this time next week, Chuck will be in his own truck, pulling loads, organizing paperwork, etc. without me looking over his shoulder. Until then, he's enduring the cramped spaces of being in a trainer truck with me, either when we are parked for the night, or as we drive down the road (as we are now... and we just crossed into West Virginia). We will have a pit-stop shortly, probably in Pennsylvania (with a second on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, co I can get my coffee fix curbed at Starbucks).

Very well... enough of my babbling!

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