27 September 2011

Day 269 (Here In Eastern Iowa, Done For The Night)

James and I were up at 0430 again this morning, but we made our delivery in Cedar Falls. After we got unloaded, we went over to Walcott, IA and topped off the fuel, showered, then came over here to Davenport to load. Though when the trailer gets loaded, we will just have to park for the night, since we don't have any more hours left on our logbook for driving.

The good thing is this load isn't due to deliver until 1000 Thursday morning, so we still have some time. It's a cool night here in Davenport... probably cool enough to sleep with not even the APU running, though I may not try it. I figured since the weather was pretty cool, it was a good time to make some chili for dinner - which turned out splendidly, of course. I'm hoping to get something Thursday that will send us in the direction of Tulsa, perhaps I will be able to get the load that goes up to Woodinville, WA, then up to Burnaby, BC. At least I can hope, right. James has been doing pretty good, his backing skills are still a little shaky, but I see the improvement.

I would like to apologize for getting this post up past my deadline. I hope you can see your way to forgive me.

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