10 September 2011

Day 252 (A Lovely, Peaceful Sabbath)

This has been a very peaceful Sabbath (as they usually are). Chuck and I are still - and will be, until tomorrow - in Blacksburg, SC (which is along I-85, just 4 miles south of the NC/SC state lines). The weather isn't all that bad, but the peace of studying Torah makes any weather comfortable.

Chuck has been inside the truck stop for most of the day, watching football. Several games are on today, neither of which I'll be watching. I'm not a big sports fan, and I could never understand how some could be so content to sit for hours at a time doing so. I guess that's just me.

Tomorrow, as everybody knows, is the 10 year Memorial of 9/11 (I refuse to call it an "anniversary," since an anniversary is an event to celebrate). I'll post something tomorrow reflective of the event of the day, and my subsequent observations of the weeks that followed. Therefore, today will be a short post.

Go have coffee!

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