19 September 2011

Day 261 (On The Road, Missing Home)

I left out this morning and headed to the North Little Rock terminal and picked up James, my new student. James is 56, he's from a small town in Texas, and used to be a teacher. Him and I have been talking about a plethora of subjects, from his previous job to politics to food.

We got a load which picks up in Pine Bluff (through a broker), but when we got here, we found out the load wasn't on the schedule. When I inquired with one of the forklift drivers, he told me that the load was only partially ready, and that they would not be running any of the product until tomorrow. Therefore we will be staying here tonight and getting with Monica (my Fleet Manager), as well as the broker, and try to sort this out. On the upside, not only did I leave home with a cup of coffee, but I also made my pilgrimage to Starbucks.

At least this is one way to show James some of the down sides to this industry, but hopefully this will means there will be more "smooth sailing" loads in the very NEAR future.

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