23 September 2011

Day 265 (Soon To Be On The Way To Bentonville)

This afternoon James and I are picking up a load here in Chicago (a load of Tootsie Rolls) delivering in Bentonville, AR for Monday morning. It may not be much, but perhaps it will put is in a location that will produce better miles next week.

This week there have been several world leaders speaking at the United Nations, with the primary purpose being the possible creation of a Palestinian state. Today (being the final day) featured Mahmoud Abbas delivering his petition for statehood. The problem I see with his point of "Israel has occupied Palestinians for 63 years" is that in 1948, when Israel was given their land back by the UN... well, you can read the brief history for yourself. Palestinians are NOT a nation. To the Arab world, all they are is political leverage... something that can be used to further their own agenda. I'll put it in perspective this way: after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast region, all of a sudden Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were "concerned" for the safety and well-being of the people of New Orleans... but once the media hype died down, Sharpton and Jackson were nowhere in sight. They exploited the situations AND the people for their own means & agenda. That's the same way that Palestinians are treated by their Arab "brothers." Most "Palestinians" are Muslim, so the key discrepancy I see is why should they have their own "state" with Jerusalem as its Capitol. The cities that Muslims revere as sacred are Mecca and Medina... Jerusalem is meaningless to them.

The only bearing that Jerusalem would have in the Muslim world is they would use it for furthering their cause of eradicating the Jewish people, something that Mahmoud Ahmadinajah fully supports... even making that claim in the UN!

I'm, as yet, unsure of the progress of these hearings, but all I can say is please continue to hold Israel in prayer - this is the time where they really need it. May you all be safe, and may the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you! May your Sabbath be blessed as well!

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