08 September 2011

Day 250 (Heading Due South)

We started the day off early (0500 CT) from Carlisle, PA, just south of Harrisburg. Getting up at that hour has never been a favorite task of mine, but it had to be done. It had rained last night, as well as started drizzling this morning when Chuck and I set off. The rain progressively got worse, to the point that the Westbound side (we were traveling on the Eastbound side) of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was only moving in the left lane, as the waters were flooding onto the turnpike and into the right lane (and a little into that left travel lane). Once we made the transition from I-76 to I-276 toward New Jersey (on the north end of Philadelphia) was when we began to hit the heavy traffic... really heavy. Our appointment was set for 1000 (ET), we told the company last night that we estimated on being at the customer by 1100, but after hitting the traffic jam, we didn't get to the customer until 1200.

The good thing is our next load picks up here at the same customer and will be delivered on Monday morning in Atlanta. We should get in another re-start on our logbooks, since this load is only 800 or so miles. Once I find out exactly where the customer is then I'll be able to determine where we will park for the re-start... and Chuck just might be able to catch a couple football games. Though I may have to break the news to him that, as a truck driver, there will be a lot of football games he will be missing when he's on the road - though I think he does have some idea of that already. I, myself, am not a big sports fanatic, though there are my favorite teams that I keep tabs on, mainly through the interweb: Boston Red Sox (via MLB) and Detroit Red Wings & L.A. Kings (via NHL).

The even better news is there are several places (3 to be exact) between here and Baltimore where I can have him stop for Starbucks... and there's one at a truck stop in South Carolina, as well - but I wouldn't know anything about that, would I?

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