29 September 2011

Day 271 (Done With The Baloney, Now I'm Being Given The Bird)

This morning James and I left from Pevely, MO (a town about 15 miles south of St. Louis) and made our delivery in Memphis, TN, arriving just a little over an hour before our re-scheduled appointment. Fortunately, there was no lumper charges for unloading, as it was pre-paid by Kraft. We are now on our way to pick up the next load... Tyson chicken. It's a short run, due tomorrow afternoon at 1500, but knowing the facility we are picking up at, it may not be ready until about 0630 tomorrow morning. It's going to Berryville, AR (a "podunk" town), which would get me closer to Tulsa, but probably not close enough to be sent out there for a load bound for Woodinville, WA/Burnaby, BC.

I'm really trying to keep a positive outlook on things, but it's pretty difficult after this past 1 1/2 weeks. This being Rosh HaShanah (the Jewish New Year), I'm trying to not get frustrated and let HaShem do what He does best (which is, basically... EVERYTHING).

On another note, my wife, Tikvah, mentioned the other day how I haven't been reporting on the baseball scores... especially the Red Sox. Well, my angel, here you go: the Red Sox are OUT of the post-season playoffs, and the Yankees are IN (after clinching the division title a few weeks ago). As far as I'm concerned, the baseball season is now over. If it turns out to be a Yankees vs. Phillies World Series, I'll quietly support Philadelphia - JUST to see New York lose!

Now I need to go get some coffee.

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