18 September 2011

Day 260 (Back To Work Tomorrow)

It was nice being home, but all good things must come to an end. Today, we had a very nice late lunch/early dinner: I made some more matzoh ball soup, and Tikvah made some butter/herb chicken. After we enjoyed a good siesta, we rented a couple movies. We watched Paul the other night, so we returned that, and , after the movie Tikvah want originally wanted to see (Bride's Maids) had not been released yet, we rented Red and You Again - both of which were superb (and both of which I watched while enjoying our last  glass of wine... until we get some more in a couple weeks).

Tomorrow I head back out to work, and pick up a new student. his name is James and he lives in Texas. As the next few weeks move along, I'll fill you in on his progress. Until then - Ciao!

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