03 September 2011

Day 245 (I Want Your Input On This Possibility)

Waking up to 42° in Casper, WY this morning, along with my visit to Starbucks, made for the start of a joyous and peaceful Sabbath. Chuck had a full day yesterday, covering about 620 miles before we shut down. Being up in the Northwestern region rather spoiled me with the cooler weather, especially since I live in an area where the temperatures often top 100° (I won't even begin to lament about the humidity.

As I mentioned in Day 240, there are a few things I'd like to get for the purpose of improving the content of this blog, though after seeing the Specialized bicycles at Woodinville Bicycle, I don't think I'm going to limit myself to just the Bianchi brand. What I would like some feedback on is should I put a PayPal link on the blog's main page for donations, or am I asking a bit much? Allow me to elaborate a bit: A) the bicycle (now possibly a Specialized Camber Elite) - for traveling into areas that are not "truck friendly", even venturing into more rugged terrain which would allow for more scenic photo opportunities, which lead to, B) the Canon Rebel DSLR camera - the camera on the iPhone (as well as the other camera/photo apps) are good, but still don't capture the beauty, nor the depth, of the things I see around me. Call me "old-fashioned", but I've always felt more of a sense of accomplishment when I can have more of a hands-on approach when capturing a picture (zoom, focus, filter use, etc.). With said camera, I would need, C) a MacBook Pro - after all, rather than waiting a couple weeks before I get home in order to upload those incredible shots (provided by B) that I was able to achieve from the vantage points (accessible due to A), I can upload them, upon returning to the truck, onto the MBP, then post onto the blog, either that day or the next.

Does that sound like a viable dream/request? I would really like some feedback on this. Thank you for reading and/or commenting (and I do post ALL comments, but if it looks like the work of a "spambot", then it probably is). I look forward to hearing from you.

May you all be blessed!

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