21 September 2011

Day 263 (Almost To Chicago)

James and I finally got the trailer loaded and leaving out of Pine Bluff, AR around 2000 yesterday. We made it to Matthews, MO and shut down there. Since this load (as I found out from the broker earlier today) doesn't deliver until 1600 tomorrow, so there is no major rush... but I do intend to get to the customer tonight. I'm doing that so in case they don't unload us until 1600, then we won't have to even log on... also, I really don't want to deal with the Chicago area traffic frost thing in the morning.

I had James pull off here in Effingham, IL (about 90 miles east of St. Louis) so we could switch over (I'm gradually increasing his daily miles), and so I could walk over to Starbucks to get my coffee fix. The weather is definitely showing signs of the fall season we are in; cooler temperatures, and the fading/falling of the leaves. I'm really hoping our next load sends us in the direction of Tulsa, so I can get another load bound for Woodinville, WA/Burnaby, BC - I bet the temperatures have dropped a little more up in that region. If I do get one of those loads, I may have to either purchase some tire chains on the road (which the company will cover the expenses for), or get some from another driver that will not need them.

I'm really jonesin' to head back up to the northwest again, can you tell?

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