13 September 2011

Day 255 (Finally Getting Out Of Atlanta)

Yesterday Chuck and I had gotten a load out of Atlanta, which was going to New Albany, MS. This morning, that load was changed. Now we are picking up in a different part of Atlanta, going to Ft. Smith, AR... and to release Chuck once we get to the terminal in North Little Rock, so he can get his final evaluation and get his own truck.

Last night (as many already know) was the Tea Party debate on CNN. I didn't watch it, as I was stuck at the original place I was originally going to load at, but my initial assessment of the debates is, first of all, they are still politicians. Granted, they may be "endorsed" by the Tea Party movement, but they are still politicians. Another "red flag" (for me, at least) is the debates were hosted by CNN, which is NOT going to pose an unbiased view in their questions... then again, what network would give an unbiased view? It seems that the Democrat party is ceaseless in their attempt to vilify the Tea Party movement, while the Republican treats them as an extension of their own party. From what I have seen, the Tea Party movement was started by American citizens that are fed up with the "politics-as-usual" attitude emanating from D.C., and are looking for real change within the system, as well as TRUE accountability from those that WE have elected into office. When we have a government that has put into place an automatic annual pay raise for themselves while simultaneously trying to eliminate that same annual pay raise for the military, then there is something seriously wrong! In the time prior to (and even after) the attack on Pearl Harbor, most of the politicians that served in D.C. were military vets... now it seems that a military vet in politics is rare. What we need is for these politicians to realize they don't call the shots - WE do! If they (as most of them do) want to act as if they are "above us" or that they know "what's best for us," then it's time to put them in the unemployment line, and replace them with somebody who WILL keep the interest of America - and not their own - as their PRIMARY focus. If they won't be accountable for their own actions and decisions, then we don't need them!

I say the time for a good "house cleaning" is long overdue!

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