26 September 2011

Day 268 (On Our Way To Iowa)

James and I made it to our appointment on time at Walmart this morning, but since they took longer than they should have (plus the fact that Tyson fiddled about with the loading process for this load), our delivery to Cedar Falls, IA will be later than the original 0500 appointment. Things like this happen on occasion, so I just take the bad with the good. I managed to get some coffee from Denny's earlier, so that makes good out of the bad.

We have already been pre-planned on our next load. Once we get this delivered, we will head to Davenport, IA (which is on the east end of the state, just across the Mississippi River from Illinois) and pick up a load bound for Memphis, TN. That's not a bad run, at least it will get me about 2,000 miles for the week.

Being a truck driver is an easy job, but not an easy lifestyle if you are married. Being away from home for weeks - sometimes months - at a time can take its toll on a marriage. I have been fortunate (and blessed) to have an incredible woman as my wife. Though there are time when I question her mental stability... after all, she has put up with me for over 20 years (married for almost 19) - so she must be crazy, right? In all seriousness, I truly am blessed, especially since I have seen many marriages fail, both here in the trucking industry and in the military. It takes a special kind of man in both professions to hold their own and keep focused upon the mission at hand (as well as keeping their libido in check). It also takes a special woman whom is married to a man in either profession. I can honestly say that I am TRULY blessed, because Tikvah has been with me, through thick and thin, in BOTH professions.

Yeah... she's THAT special!

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