16 September 2011

Day 258 (A Nice Lazy Day)

A quiet day, very laid back... my kind of day. When we live in such a fast-paced, hectic world, it's always good to pull back and slow down. Chilled out this morning drinking coffee while I played a few records (Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair, for one), this afternoon I got my new Banana Republic photojournalist vest back from the cleaners. The last one I had to throw away, as I found out (the hard way) when you wash one of those - in a washing machine - the material can break down fairly quickly. This one will only get dry cleaned, though this one didn't go to the cleaners for cleaning, but to get coated with scotch guard (about 7 coats, or so the cleaners' clerk told me). It would be a lot easier to replace the vest if Banana Republic still made them.

As we close in on the Sabbath (which I'm a little late in getting this up), I have some dough in the oven rising for the challah bread, and some matzoh ball soup on the stove... as well as a glass of wine sitting here before me. May you all have a blessed evening! Drop me a line, tell me what you like the most (or the least) about this blog, as I'm considering taking it in a different direction... one that's more a personal perspective on current events: from local news (where ever I happen to be at the time), up to the national  - or even world - level. As I mentioned before, I post all comments. Take care and be blessed! 

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