24 September 2011

Day 266 (This Trip Is Finished... Kinda)

James and I finally made it to Bentonville, AR. We are parked at a truck stop about 6 miles from the Walmart where we are delivering on Monday. The unfortunate thing about it is, with all the property Walmart has on any of their distribution centers, they don't accommodate, nor even consider, any truck parking. Granted, there are a lot of truck drivers that are trashy (thus giving those of us that try to project a positive image) and give the rest of us a bad name... but with all the inbound freight Walmart has on a daily basis (and few D.C.'s with even a nearby truck stop) you would think they would take us into consideration. Wait... what was I thinking... we are meaningless to them.

Also, this truck stop - which is the closest - charges a $10 fee... which is rather ridiculous considering they only have enough room for 4 trucks. There is a Lowe's behind said truck stop, but I would have to leave by sunrise, which would ruin any chance of getting a 34 hour re-start on our logbooks. A good side to all this is James and I were pre-planned yesterday, so when we are done at Walmart, we head over to Tyson in Rogers, AR, do a drop & hook (considering the load is ready) and head up to Cedar Falls, IA for Tuesday morning... so at least this week is shaping up to be better than last week.

Well, I'm done ranting, I'll close this out... and enjoy my trademark coffee drink here at Starbucks.

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