20 September 2011

Day 262 (Finally Leaving Pine Bluff)

We arrived here in Pine Bluff, AR last night, only to find out that the load we were supposed to pick up (going to Twinsburg, OH) didn't exist. After waiting all day, the broker finally got things sorted out... now James and I will be heading to Alsip, IL (which is a suburb on the southwest side of Chicago). This is one of the reasons I don't like about brokers... most of them need to visit a proctologist several times a times a day in order to do their job.

James and I are getting along quite famously. It's nice to finally have someone with which I can hold an intellectual conversation for more than 2-3 minutes. After just the first 24 hours, I can honestly tell that the teaching industry will, some day, suffer a great loss. From our conversations, I've come to the conclusion that because of the government's involvement in the educational system, there will be many more teachers that will either leave their chosen careers of their own free will, or due to the politics that are being imposed - many good teachers, I might add. Those of you who are parents, or just observe the young adults graduating as products of the current system, can see the system as we know it now is just endorsing a practice of the indoctrination of ignorance. That very practice goes on to being further endorsed at the college/university level, where political ideology is being passed off as "education." Gone are the days of encouraging logical debates through free-thinking individuals.

Wake the hell up and smell the coffee!!

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