17 September 2011

Day 259 (My Wife Is Hilarious)

It's been a lovely Sabbath, even more so because I'm spending it at home. Yesterday my wife, Tikvah, and I went to Walmart (even though I avoid shopping there whenever possible) where she saw a pair of boots that she liked. I encouraged her to get them, since they were pretty reasonable - and were in her size - but she declined, saying she really didn't need them. She is fairly frugal, so she always looking for a good deal, but she doesn't always buy said deals. Well, we went to Walmart today to pick up a few things (like the ingredients for her spicy spaghetti, which I'll make on the truck), and look around a bit. She spotted some curtains in a "1/2 off" bin. She saw a sage green set of curtains, considered them for a moment (she said they would go in the kitchen), and put them back. I told her since they were 1/2 off, she's not losing any money - especially since all she wanted was the valance. We walked away from the bin, mainly because the other people there were quite rude (actually behaving more like savages).

We split up because I went to get some olives. When we got back together, she had the boot she was looking at yesterday. I'm glad she finally decided to get them, but when I asked what changed her mind, she said, "well, I could get the curtains, which are the same price, but the boots I can actually wear... the curtains would just hang there."

That's one of the reasons I love her - she really cracks me up!

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